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I decided to post five things I am not here for as of this moment. This could change from day to day where i am concerned but nonetheless here we go!!

1. God and all aliens and queens know i live for Mrs Mariah Carey-Cannon but i am not here for no more beautiful remixes. I loves Mimi but please give us something new and please be by yourself. We the fans only come for you when you send for us and that is all we are here for. You could sing the abc’s and id be there singing along but i just cant anymore with beautiful or any rapper assisted songs and can we please get a release date for the new album “The art of letting go”

2. Crying and screaming children and the parents who neglect them. Why do you feel that we want or need to help you raise your children cause you are too preoccupied to raise them yourself or be aware of that they are doing when you have them out in public. There are gonna be times when kids will be kids but i am talking about the ones who just ignore that their child is pulling down every display and throwing things and fighting and the parent is one the phone or just letting them do it because they dont want the child to bother them.

3. Users….why do people feel like the world owes them something and always want something for nothing. If we hang out or have a hook up and its nothing serious no i don’t want to pay your bills or give you money when i didn’t notice your contribution towards my bills and responsibilities. I’m all for a couple working together towards a common goal but i am not here to take care of you…sorry booh

4. Grown people who behave like children or people with no backbones. If you are an adult then why cant you make decisions for yourself. If irks me to see people who follow others and cant have their own opinion. I used to have a friend and when his estranged friend decided to come back around he acted as if he had to choose which he didn’t but that upsets me when people cant be grown and have multiple relationships with different people who they call friend and then they change like the weather when others are in the picture…wtf is that about.

5. Separation of the gay community. Its really sad that as a community that we are so selective of when we come together. You would think that with some of the issues we face from some straight folks who may not agree or condone what they feel we choose to do that we as a community would come together and love one another and support each other instead of alienating and making people feel even more like outcast. lets do better guys!