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There’s a saying that goes something like you should never meet your idols or heroes because they will disappoint your perception of them. I was thinking about this after watching how Kelly Price on R&B Divas LA and how this has totally changed my perception of KP. I used to be a huge fan of Kelly Price’s and can jam each Cd cover to cover and will act like we a duo singing right along with it but the persona that Kelly seems to exhibit is that of a humble church girl and the devil that showed up on this show is such a surprise and i noticed that as fans and etc we seem to think that celebs are beyond the regular things that we go through every day. Celebs are people too and should be seen as such. A lot of people give Rihanna slack about smoking or misbehaving and being a bad role model and she has said time and time again shes no ones parent and shouldn’t be held accountable and i agree but also that sorta comes with the job but parents its your own job to raise your children. I think sometimes we hold celebrities to such high standards and expect them to do no wrong and are always so hurt when they fall and we see the flip side to them. I don’t think I would want to see Mariah is a laid back or realistic capacity because if she came across like Kelly id be screwed.

P.S. why did Mariah and Kelly part ways back when Kelly was her background singer? Obviously she went on the solo track but she could have helped and she didn’t so that makes you think about her character back then and now she tries to say how people don’t want to see you succeed and how they act when you get to their level. Kelly, you will never be on Mariah’s level (All shade All T)