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Here is a recap of some of the interesting TV i watched all week…So i finally caught up on R&B Divas:LA after being behind a couple of episodes and i must say that i hate that i started watching this show. It was one thing to see the Atl version which contained artist who weren’t heavily on the scene making comebacks or just showing you whats going on it their careers but Kelly Price has really shown another side to her that i just feel I don’t like. I was excited after seeing R&B divas:Atl and the show igniting love and some hate for artist long forgotten and or loved and so i was expecting the same. I admit i went in with preconceived perceptions about dawn Robinson and Lil Mo but after watching, I dislike Dawn even more and have opened up my heart to Lil Mo, I have never been a fan of Chante Moore’s really but i must say that i love her now. I loved the way she stood up to Kelly’s bullying and was not afraid to say how she felt sometimes but then for Kelly and Dawn to all of a sudden “quit” was a very poor example of grown folks handling business and then when ever someone calls her out she pretends like she doesn’t know what is going on. She seems so full of shit. On the last episode Lil Mo flipped out when Kelly went into victim mode and said how everyone turned and talked shit about here but when Mo asks her who said something about her and she’s like i never said this and that and calling her husband in there about how shes not doing any publicity stunts. I’m like you sit there and claim that you are so busy and fine with everything but then you plot some underhanded side show on your own..i just cant with them. Is it bad though that i want to download the theme song? Itunes? anyone?

Its funny that i thought i was gonna be bothered about michel’les voice and i must say that i am used to it now. It doesn’t bother me as much anymore.

I also watched the first episode of Basketball wives new season and i am excited to see this trash unfold. I am not usually a fan of trashy reality where it just gets so ratchet that i cant even understand the motives anymore (um hello love and hip hop) but basketball wives was one of the few that i let in besides real housewives of atl and i can tolerate their ratchet-ness. I am excited to see what this drama is between Shaunie and Tami.

I watched other my other boring shows such as Tattoo Nightmare and Ink Masters and Iyanla:Fix my life.  I love Iyanla though and I always get my life from her show….but i digress.