A while back the former members of Danity Kane had lunch together and were photographed missing one member. Speculation arose about a reunion and people were wondering why D.Woods was missing in action.

Apparently that was one powerful lunch because Danity Kane has released the first promo image of a comeback. Details are sketchy at this moment and the only thing revealed is that they are to perform on the MTV VMA awards tonight at around 8 or 9pm eastern time. I was never a huge fan of DK but they had some nice hits and songs that never made radio that i enjoyed during their ride. Do you think an album is on the way? Would you buy it? I personally can think of a few other people Im anxiously awaiting new music from and it aint them but i will check it out nonetheless if they do. Stay tuned to see what further develops from this.

P.S. D.Wood’s allegedly declined rejoining the group for whatever they are planning to do but no shade no tea girl but what are you doing? whatever basement trax productions you are doing yourself aint making waves hun.

P.S.S. Quiet as kept Dawn Richard actually don’t need to be involved in this unless its just a one time thing or she just miss rolling with the girls and trying to make some extra pocket change cause she has definitely made her own lane with her solo projects and upcoming second album Blackheart (really her third ) set for release in October 2013. Her former project Goldenheart was released in January 2013 and met with positive reception.