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American Idol Season 9 alum Todrick Hall is a singer and dancer who is very underrated. I don’t watch American Idol and unfortunately even with Mariah Carey as a judge i just cant bring myself to care about that crappy show. I used to be a fan back in the first season and i still feel like Tamyra Gray was robbed and was clearly the best singer of the first season…sorry Kelly Clarkston. Don’t get me wrong she can sing her ass off too but IMO I’m sorry Tamyra was the better singer and the total package for me but i guess “America ” voted right? (side eye)

Todrick has always been on my radar and every so often he does something that just makes me smile brightly. It all started with a song he (created?) sang for the it gets better movement where celebs and artist were creating videos encouraging young teens to be strong and not to give up by committing suicide because it gets better and truly it does.

I downloaded the song from iTunes and got my life and then i moved on but then i saw another video that caught my eye and i just smiled again at the talent that this young man exhibits. He created or organized a flash mob for/at Target for his love of Beyonce and performed. It was very well performed and entertaining and if the workers and shoppers were truly uninformed i would have loved to be at that target shopping or working.

Today i saw that Todrick had taken the story of Cinderella and infused it with the music of Beyonce to create Cinderonce. I watched the video like 10 times and marveled at the creativity and talent. Ok we need a full length album and someone needs to find a way to get this young man on a platform where others can see and enjoy his talent. I predict a variety show of sorts with singing dancing and performing sorta like a variety show.

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