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Welcome to another addition of TV Thursday. There wasn’t really that happened much on TV this week as far as I’m concerned.

Basketball Wives

I watched basketball wives which was a lot better than the first episode. They introduced Tasha Marbury and she had a meet and greet where she met the other ladies. The only reason worth watching at this point is for Tami Roman and what she might say because she definitely gives me life with her “realness.” They touched on Evelyn and Chad a little and i pretty much ignored it. I am just over her and him for that matter and i don’t really care about it but i get that the show was taped after that period and so we must go through it all again and finally the ladies met Tasha. Evelyn and Shaunie gave Tasha the disclaimer about Tami and Tami tried to be bourgeois but it came out more boughetto than anything but i love that about her and things seemed to go well although Tami set Suzie (still dim self) up by sharing gossip that Evelyn’s book refers to a story about a player that sleeps with his chef and how she read that it happened to Tasha. She then began to gas Suzie up and talk her into asking Tasha about how valid the story was to her owns.

R&b Divas LA

The finale aired Wednesday and it was a good ending the four remaining divas did their “What would divas do : divalogues” and everyone did a great job they showed bits and pieces and the real shade is they never showed Kelly and dawn who i guess tried to have their “Not your mama’s monologues” on the same night. (side eye) I must say that the few clips i have seen of it look like some cheap BS that you build at home in some church basement hall way. I am just so disappointed and look forward to seeing the finale to see what Kelly has to say for her bad attitude and if she will apologize for her actions. There just might be hope for her or maybe not.

Not much else was watched…I am looking forward to American Horror Story season 3 and The Walking Dead which both should start in October. R&B divas finale should air Sept 4th and will be hosted by Wendy Williams.