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Tv this week was decent…nothing much was going on.

R&b divas – reunion pt 1

So Wendy ( waste time getting right down to the questions. She touched on Michel’le situation with Dre and Suge. she also touched on Kenny and Chante’s divorce and asked what the streets were talking that Kenny might be gay…who cares. She asked Claudette about child support and why she was living from place to place and finally got around to kelly price and the whole broadway in the hood fiasco. It kind of ended there and i suppose part two will be more juicy. Fred will join them and they will talk about the whole monologues and the shade of kely branching off on her own although she claims she told them she was gonna do her own thing after she quit. My main problem with it beside kelly bullying everyone is that she told them she would support them and that she was gonna be there cheering them on since she was so booked and couldn’t commit but not only was she not there but then threw together her own second rate basement production and the shade is that she probably tried to throw it on the same night thinking that hers would out do theirs.

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Claudette Ortiz

Lil Mo


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BasketBall Wives…..One word, BORING

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