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So recently i was feeling nostalgic watching @LogoTV and got to thinking about how great the channel used to be back in the day when they had Noah’s Arc. Noah’s Arc was a show that Logo had when they first launched that was created and written by @PatrikIanPolk. It was a show that followed four gay best friends In LA and their ups and downs. Noah’s Arc was the network’s highest-rated original series; however, shortly after the season two cliffhanger finale aired, LOGO announced that the series had been cancelled. The network was surprised by the negative reaction of viewers to the show’s cancellation and stated that the series may return if the planned motion picture proved successful.


Two years later, Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom opened in theaters in limited release. The movie tied up the series and it doesn’t seem likely that the show will ever be revisited again which sucks cause Logo sucks now with the exception of Rupaul’s Drag Race.


Patrik later created a film about five friends who are Brown University classmates- four gay men and one lesbian – as they reunite in New York City for Gay Pride weekend, in which secrets are exposed, lies and lots of drama called The Skinny  The Skinny is a good film but its very similar to Noah’s Arc which is essentially similar to Punks. I have always enjoyed all of Patrik’s film projects although they share a similarity. So I recommend The Skinny as a nice feel good film that is interesting and entertaining. While you are at it get Punks as well….super good fun. I think i might go watch it now myself.