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So lately i have been just doing my offline thing and listening to my music etc. I have recently been listening to a few new ones and i still love listening to my favorites.

This week….I have been listening to Miss Ariana Grande’s Yours Truly album. @ArianaGrande Folks have been referencing her as the next Mariah Carey or just like Mariah but while Ariana can hit a high register the fact that they thought it was Mariah is funny to me but i guess as a fan i know what Mariah sounds like when i hear her. I do like Ariana albums and i really hope she releases Heartbreak Avenue as a single cause that song gets played more than any other song on the cd.



Besides Ariana I have been listening to the mix-tape from artist Wish @wishishere. Its a nice album filled with rb cuts and dance tracks. Get ya life is my song and i play it on repeat and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Check it out….good album.


Alice Smith @alicesmithmusic released her second album back in March 2013 and i after listening to it i put it in my come back folder and finally made my way back to it but i have been listening to it on repeat and while its a good listen from back then i am getting my life on it now. Good job Alice….loved your first album cover to cover and this album has a different sounds and i am loving it cover to cover as well.



PS: Speaking of Mariah Carey @mariahcarey….Shes gearing up for a new single release on Nov 11th on facebook…..I love Mariah but i cant with her and although i will be there on the 11th and on itunes shortly after i need her to go on and put this damn album out! Ok well lata folks