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I’m not much of a religious person as i would say i am a spiritual person. I believe in GOD and the higher power but i am usually conflicted with the church because there are a lot of people out there that would say that i am going to hell because i am a gay male. I don’t usually try to judge folks and i know that essentially we all have to follow our own battles but i cant understand how you can represent the “church” and allow your self to be caught up in scandal. I am not so naive to believe that these leaders etc are not humans who have their own struggles but if you are gonna make me feel little or condemn me for my “choices” then you need to stand tall and be a beacon of what you “preach.” Recently there have been a few sex scandals involving well known gospel/saved folks. The first is not really new but involves Terrell Carter @terrellmusic who is best know from the tyler perry plays. Terrell Carter starred as Corey in Medea’s Class Reunion and Will in Meet the Browns. Terrell is an independent singer who has released albums on   http://terrellmusic.com/site.html and https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/terrell-carter/id56912285. Terrell is a phenomenal singer and his music is more rb pop but tyler perry plays are christian based and it is mostly for you to believe that the actors and actresses are saved and walking the faith so when pictures leaked that Terrell played for my team i was shocked but understanding when we live in a judgmental society. I still root for Terrell because his voice is amazing and i can listen to him sing all day….not that its out just be yourself

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Recently there had been two scandals that hit the internet that involved one pastor and a gospel artist. Preacher Deitrick Haddon @Deitrickhaddon recently had some photos leak online that showed what allegedly was a photo he sent to a young lady of his peen. Deitrick is a preacher who has crossed over into film and tv….He recently can be seen on the who The preachers of LA and is supposed to has an album that came out in September or was slated for a release around September. As a pastor regardless of what your message is people still look up to you as a pillar of what to strive for and although i know that at the end of the day we are all just people..ijs.


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Another gospel scandal that recently surfaced is of Kevin Terry of Kevin Terry and the Predestined. @kevinterrylive. I’m not too familiar with them but its still shocking. Allegedly Mr Terry is gay and singing the good word but slobbing poles down in the dark. You are able to do anything you want and i dont think its nothing wrong with having your own life but i guess i want your judgements and skeletons.

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the info / the goods NSFW