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So as i was getting ready for bed I get an alert that i received an email and i read it to find out that Amel Larrieux @amellarrieux was following me on twitter. I was a lil shocked because i dont normally tweet but every so often when im moved to. I usually follow artist that i have a true respect for and while i have always been a fan of Amel going back to Groove Theory.


My first reintroduction to Amel came when the single “For real”  from the album Bravebird which is her second solo album used to play on bet late night videos all the time and i loved the sultry sexiness of the song. Her voice was almost fragile sounding and had a soft lullaby trance to it. Any one who could hit a high whistle or falsetto had my vote as i love Mariah.  I loved that song and immediately found the single. I had a friend who had the album  who let me load it onto my ipod and at the time i was still under the cloud of following the mainstream music of the “today” artist so i couldnt appreciate her album at that time.


Amel went on to release her third album, Morning and it was there where the love affair began. That album gave me life. I began to become consumed with who this lady was and wanted to hear more. I backtracked and began to look for any other works and found the first album, Infinite Possibilities and Bravebird again.

Amel_Larrieux_-_Morning_album_cover InfinitePossibilities

There was another album called Lovely Standards  after morning which i have never been a strong jazz fan and didn’t really get into although i still got it just in case i had a moment where that album would fit my life at that moment….It will I’m sure one day. I heard that Amel was working on a new album and the song Orange Glow was floating around but there wasn’t a whole lot of into on a release date. I would check periodically to see if any new info was available and i didn’t hear anything for a while. Recently buzz began to circulate that Ice Cream Everyday would be getting released after all.

Amel Larrieux - Ice Cream Everyday

A million sapphires is one of my favorite songs on the albums. Afraid which is the current single i enjoy as well. Orange glow makes me want to get funky and I do take might just get someone pregnant. Amel music has always had a realness to it that only grown folks can appreciate because she talking real stuff and not following a particular trend or over sexifying her message. I look forward to listen to this album and discovering new songs for different moments. I am sure it will be on heavy rotation along with morning and other grown artist like her.

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