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I work in retail and as a big guy some of the nice fabrics and more current styles are usually wasted on the big and tall. They take the scraps and flannels and plaids and make what they consider fashion for us. I recently saw some footed pajamas at my store and i was a little bummed that they didn’t carry any bigger sizes. As a big guy i like to have a little flair in my style choices. I like to exhibit my personality in my style of dress and i guess i can say its our own fault for not demanding more from designers and making they conform to us rather we to them.

One of the many things i do like about online shopping is that if there is a market for things out there you can find it so low and behold i go online and search for big and tall footed pajamas and i get a few hits from the site listings.

Pajama City http://www.pajamacity.com/  has sizes for big and tall and even euro sizes…you select the sizes by your height and most of the reviews i’ve read have all been favorable so i am glad to say that i will be rocking a pair soon