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So the weekend is approaching and I finally get some time to relax and what better way to do so than with a good book. One of my favorite authors Jaye Wells @jayewells

has recently released a novella in companion to the Sabina Kane series named rusted veins http://www.orbitshortfiction.com/2013/10/rusted-veins/


I have been a fan of Jayes since i picked up Red Headed Stepchild, the first in the series and have loved her since. Jaye released five books in the series and two novellas including rusted veins. I have actually had the pleasure of meeting Jaye at a couple of book signings and shes one of the most entertaining and funniest authors out there and it will read through in her writing.

indexJaye Wells - Mage in Black2   silva299240_277134255640820_180079758679604_963116_45427667_n

violet tendencies novella #1 which takes place after Mage in black


Jaye is gearing up to release a new series this january


Also check out


http://jayewells.com/ for more info…