Today was the day. I was excited and as soon as i got home from work i dropped everything rushed to my computer to listen to the new single that @mariahcarey was releasing on Facebook exclusively. I was excited, i was hype, i was stoked and then i was disappointed.

While i love the title of the song/album I just keep trying to think of whats going on with Mariah. Triumpant was a disaster with all those rappers on it and i was like ok shes entitled to one, Almost home and bring it on home were lovely songs, #beautiful was a great song and I would still have it on rotation had it not been remixed to hell and back and so i got overloaded on that song and had to retire it but i loved it. I was excited to get new music after hearing the album had been pushed back from the earlier release date.

All the people who know and know of me knows that i love Mariah Carey…I have been a fan from way back then and will continue to be. I am confident that the album will have loads of great music and this bump will be like old news before i know it but i am just not feeling this new song as of right now. While i do love the bridge where she flexes her vocal abilities the rest of it just seems like the wrong music or timing of the lyrics is just off and the song just seems flat. I am confused.