A Million Sapphires


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So as i was getting ready for bed I get an alert that i received an email and i read it to find out that Amel Larrieux @amellarrieux was following me on twitter. I was a lil shocked because i dont normally tweet but every so often when im moved to. I usually follow artist that i have a true respect for and while i have always been a fan of Amel going back to Groove Theory.


My first reintroduction to Amel came when the single “For real”  from the album Bravebird which is her second solo album used to play on bet late night videos all the time and i loved the sultry sexiness of the song. Her voice was almost fragile sounding and had a soft lullaby trance to it. Any one who could hit a high whistle or falsetto had my vote as i love Mariah.  I loved that song and immediately found the single. I had a friend who had the album  who let me load it onto my ipod and at the time i was still under the cloud of following the mainstream music of the “today” artist so i couldnt appreciate her album at that time.


Amel went on to release her third album, Morning and it was there where the love affair began. That album gave me life. I began to become consumed with who this lady was and wanted to hear more. I backtracked and began to look for any other works and found the first album, Infinite Possibilities and Bravebird again.

Amel_Larrieux_-_Morning_album_cover InfinitePossibilities

There was another album called Lovely Standards  after morning which i have never been a strong jazz fan and didn’t really get into although i still got it just in case i had a moment where that album would fit my life at that moment….It will I’m sure one day. I heard that Amel was working on a new album and the song Orange Glow was floating around but there wasn’t a whole lot of into on a release date. I would check periodically to see if any new info was available and i didn’t hear anything for a while. Recently buzz began to circulate that Ice Cream Everyday would be getting released after all.

Amel Larrieux - Ice Cream Everyday

A million sapphires is one of my favorite songs on the albums. Afraid which is the current single i enjoy as well. Orange glow makes me want to get funky and I do take might just get someone pregnant. Amel music has always had a realness to it that only grown folks can appreciate because she talking real stuff and not following a particular trend or over sexifying her message. I look forward to listen to this album and discovering new songs for different moments. I am sure it will be on heavy rotation along with morning and other grown artist like her.

Other artist

Solange @solangeknowles

Elle Varner @ellevarner

Alice Smith @alicesmithmusic

Jill Scott @missjillscott


Just to name a few!



Questions? Advice? Comments and Rants? Suggestions?


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Hey there…i hope you have been enjoying my blog so far and i want you to know that i always welcome feedback, suggestion or if you want my opinion on something etc…..Need anonymous advice? Just want to ask a question or give a rant that we can discuss….feel free to hit me up @kaleidoscopekaos@gmail.com

Anything that is emailed to me will be held in confidence and if you need advice please include a signature name so that i can address you anonymously. I am not accredited or licensed so i can only give what is my opinion for you to do what you will with it. I hope to hear from you guys and will keep you updated on what develops.

How do them tits taste now dummy?


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I had just finished watching scandal when the nightly news came on and this was one of the stories

Harris County deputies have arrested two people for basically running a cosmetic surgery business out of their home.

Investigators first found out about the couple after a 41-year-old woman came to the hospital with an infection after getting a breast enhancement.

She told deputies she’d gotten the surgery at the home of 34-year-old Yuri Lara and 36-year-old Karen Lara and that she’d also had body contouring, liposuction, and fat injections.

When deputies showed up at the home in the 1500 block of Cade Court in northwest Harris County, they found medical equipment as well as vials of lidocaine, which is used to numb patients.

The pair face multiple charges, and investigators are now looking for other patients to call the HCSO’s Criminal Investigations Bureau at 713-967-5810.

REALLY!! Are we so desperate for “perfection” that you would go to a house to have surgery? That dummy had multiple procedures and as she should have her dumb ass got infected….girl if you cant afford it just be happy with your a-cup and back rolls


To be a kid again


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I work in retail and as a big guy some of the nice fabrics and more current styles are usually wasted on the big and tall. They take the scraps and flannels and plaids and make what they consider fashion for us. I recently saw some footed pajamas at my store and i was a little bummed that they didn’t carry any bigger sizes. As a big guy i like to have a little flair in my style choices. I like to exhibit my personality in my style of dress and i guess i can say its our own fault for not demanding more from designers and making they conform to us rather we to them.

One of the many things i do like about online shopping is that if there is a market for things out there you can find it so low and behold i go online and search for big and tall footed pajamas and i get a few hits from the site listings.

Pajama City http://www.pajamacity.com/  has sizes for big and tall and even euro sizes…you select the sizes by your height and most of the reviews i’ve read have all been favorable so i am glad to say that i will be rocking a pair soon

Dj play me a song


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So lately i have been just doing my offline thing and listening to my music etc. I have recently been listening to a few new ones and i still love listening to my favorites.

This week….I have been listening to Miss Ariana Grande’s Yours Truly album. @ArianaGrande Folks have been referencing her as the next Mariah Carey or just like Mariah but while Ariana can hit a high register the fact that they thought it was Mariah is funny to me but i guess as a fan i know what Mariah sounds like when i hear her. I do like Ariana albums and i really hope she releases Heartbreak Avenue as a single cause that song gets played more than any other song on the cd.



Besides Ariana I have been listening to the mix-tape from artist Wish @wishishere. Its a nice album filled with rb cuts and dance tracks. Get ya life is my song and i play it on repeat and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Check it out….good album.


Alice Smith @alicesmithmusic released her second album back in March 2013 and i after listening to it i put it in my come back folder and finally made my way back to it but i have been listening to it on repeat and while its a good listen from back then i am getting my life on it now. Good job Alice….loved your first album cover to cover and this album has a different sounds and i am loving it cover to cover as well.



PS: Speaking of Mariah Carey @mariahcarey….Shes gearing up for a new single release on Nov 11th on facebook…..I love Mariah but i cant with her and although i will be there on the 11th and on itunes shortly after i need her to go on and put this damn album out! Ok well lata folks





Life is got!


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I cant begin to tell you how much life i get seeing Mrs Angela Bassett on American Horror Story:Coven. I have always been a fan of her acting and i still think she should have been the only Storm for x-men (sorry Halle girl you sucked but dont worry Anna Paquin kills in True Blood but she sucked as Rogue as well) but she wasnt. I love her acting and she is now guest starring in American Horror Story : Coven as Marie Laveau the voodoo queen. I look forward to seeing the queen serving on the show and hope that she will be seen throughout to the end of the season.

The Churches are Crumbling


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I’m not much of a religious person as i would say i am a spiritual person. I believe in GOD and the higher power but i am usually conflicted with the church because there are a lot of people out there that would say that i am going to hell because i am a gay male. I don’t usually try to judge folks and i know that essentially we all have to follow our own battles but i cant understand how you can represent the “church” and allow your self to be caught up in scandal. I am not so naive to believe that these leaders etc are not humans who have their own struggles but if you are gonna make me feel little or condemn me for my “choices” then you need to stand tall and be a beacon of what you “preach.” Recently there have been a few sex scandals involving well known gospel/saved folks. The first is not really new but involves Terrell Carter @terrellmusic who is best know from the tyler perry plays. Terrell Carter starred as Corey in Medea’s Class Reunion and Will in Meet the Browns. Terrell is an independent singer who has released albums on   http://terrellmusic.com/site.html and https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/terrell-carter/id56912285. Terrell is a phenomenal singer and his music is more rb pop but tyler perry plays are christian based and it is mostly for you to believe that the actors and actresses are saved and walking the faith so when pictures leaked that Terrell played for my team i was shocked but understanding when we live in a judgmental society. I still root for Terrell because his voice is amazing and i can listen to him sing all day….not that its out just be yourself

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Recently there had been two scandals that hit the internet that involved one pastor and a gospel artist. Preacher Deitrick Haddon @Deitrickhaddon recently had some photos leak online that showed what allegedly was a photo he sent to a young lady of his peen. Deitrick is a preacher who has crossed over into film and tv….He recently can be seen on the who The preachers of LA and is supposed to has an album that came out in September or was slated for a release around September. As a pastor regardless of what your message is people still look up to you as a pillar of what to strive for and although i know that at the end of the day we are all just people..ijs.


the info / the goods NSFW

Another gospel scandal that recently surfaced is of Kevin Terry of Kevin Terry and the Predestined. @kevinterrylive. I’m not too familiar with them but its still shocking. Allegedly Mr Terry is gay and singing the good word but slobbing poles down in the dark. You are able to do anything you want and i dont think its nothing wrong with having your own life but i guess i want your judgements and skeletons.

kt-landing-orangered Kevin-Terry-thumb-300x194 kevin-terry-trayvon-martin-179x300

the info / the goods NSFW

Cinema Sunday


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So recently i was feeling nostalgic watching @LogoTV and got to thinking about how great the channel used to be back in the day when they had Noah’s Arc. Noah’s Arc was a show that Logo had when they first launched that was created and written by @PatrikIanPolk. It was a show that followed four gay best friends In LA and their ups and downs. Noah’s Arc was the network’s highest-rated original series; however, shortly after the season two cliffhanger finale aired, LOGO announced that the series had been cancelled. The network was surprised by the negative reaction of viewers to the show’s cancellation and stated that the series may return if the planned motion picture proved successful.


Two years later, Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom opened in theaters in limited release. The movie tied up the series and it doesn’t seem likely that the show will ever be revisited again which sucks cause Logo sucks now with the exception of Rupaul’s Drag Race.


Patrik later created a film about five friends who are Brown University classmates- four gay men and one lesbian – as they reunite in New York City for Gay Pride weekend, in which secrets are exposed, lies and lots of drama called The Skinny  The Skinny is a good film but its very similar to Noah’s Arc which is essentially similar to Punks. I have always enjoyed all of Patrik’s film projects although they share a similarity. So I recommend The Skinny as a nice feel good film that is interesting and entertaining. While you are at it get Punks as well….super good fun. I think i might go watch it now myself.